• Certified production!
    Certified production!

    Certified production!

    The company has international certificates, which makes it confident to work in all markets of the world.

  • high quality
    high quality

    high quality

    Brand SAMO is a vertically integrated company which controls quality at all stages of production. Be Sure.



    SAMO manufactures garments from high quality cotton which allow your body to breathe.

The Largest Exporter
of Textile Products

In the list of importers – 45 countries: Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland,
Portugal, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, etc.

We Design, Print & Dye Fabrics

We offer fabric designing, printing and dying on various fabrics like cotton, polyester. etc based on your demand.

We Provide Fabric For Your Brand

It is enough for us to know about about your design, in order to manufacture for your brand.

We Offer High Quality Services

We carry an enormous inventory of all the things you need to complete your project: notions, patterns and trims.

Clothing manufacturer for your brand

An Apparel Manufacturing Company – Samo LLC is a Trusted clothing manufacturer for your brand. All processes from field to final product referral are examined, inspected and developed within the framework of ISO quality management system.

Quality control

Within these 25 years Samo has already got its good reputation in front of the society. The key aspects to get this status were the quality control for every single product that we are producing and still the same framework works for the organisation. Due to that fact, we have been hiring international professionals who are specialised for textile industry such as; designers, textile technologists, retail specialists and quality controllers. These employees came from different parts of the world like; Turkey, Pakistan and Bulgaria. These experts collaborate and co-create fashion and quality solutions to the riddles that we may face during the manufacturing process.



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Samo is a vertical textile producing and apparel manufacturing Company starting from yarn to fabric and garment manufacturing as well as accessories such as shawl scarf and etc. While most of our clients rely on people to outsource their products from an integrated manufacturers like Samo.

Uzbekistan, Andijan region, Khodjaabad city, st. Navoiy
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