About us

– Everyone has a right to dress well

Company profile

Samo is one of the biggest garment textile manufacturers in Uzbekistan, with more than 8 factories.  More than 10 Stores has been filling with Samo’s products over the years.

      Since 1996, we are operating in order to fulfil customer’s needs on textile products. There was a time when we started out as a small family business.

             Within these 25 years we have changed a lot in terms of company size and reputation. However, our main aim has stayed exactly the same –customer satisfaction is at the centre of everything we do.

                  Our employees are always happy to work with Samo as we are providing them with good working condition and reasonable wages. Furthermore, when it comes to decision making of the new project, the environment is always at the prior stage.

History of Samo



As we are vertically integrated company, we have access to all resources, we minimize costs and improve the quality.


Our creative and experienced design team always works on new fashion models and upcoming trend colors.


ISO global management quality system operates in every sector of our production. Moreover, all factories are equipped with latest updated quality control machines.

Annual report 2020

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